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Rubicon Ep 5 + Caprica Ep 14 Reviewed

Ep 5

Connect The Dots

Will is told to "connect the dots" and "check the white papers". He encounters missing files, wanders around and is still being watched. A team member has issues, the white papers get shredded and Will stares at post its. This was dull, nothing happened.

Ep 14


Lacy is sent to STO boot camp and runs straight into a set up. The STO mole in the police is revealed as Duram's boss (Peter Wingfield) and he's also Clarice's boss. The Adama brothers yell. Daniel annoys one person too many.

Clarice finally gets hold of Zoe's tacky pin/storage device. Then she kills one of her family members. Lacy is enjoying STO boot camp and then she sees they have a cylon to get rid of the wash outs. This was okay but where are Lacy's family?
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