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Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War (2011) Review

Amy’s given birth to Melody while imprisoned at Demon’s Run. Eyepatch woman sneers. Rory intimidates some cybermen and continues to put up with Amy for some reason. Headless monks with lightsaber knockoffs wander around.

The Doctor gathers some followers to save Amy; Captain Jack is not among them. River Song annoys. The Doctor doesn’t seem to mind the fact that he is a dark legend. He should though considering the events of ‘The Pandorica Opens’.

There’s a twist which I didn’t see coming and a revelation which to be frank is a bit rubbish. It’s good, but a bit WTF. The credits inform us that the Doctor will return in ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ and I nearly did a spit-take.

Who is Eyepatch woman and who are the army? What is with the Headless monks? When was Amy kidnapped? When did this endless bitter war against the Doctor begin?

Best Lines:
“Level One heresy.”

“Sexy fish vampires.”

“That’s the attack prayer!”

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