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Caprica Ep 12 + Psychoville Ep 4 + Rubicon Ep 4 Reviewed

Ep 12

Things We Lock Away

Zoe looks for Tamara. Lacy's tormented by Clarice's family. Daniel regains his company. Zoe doesn't care about the bombing but Tamara does. Clarice never goes to work as she's too busy dealing with the stupid Lacy.

It seems Zoe has been having visions since she was a child, just like Baltar and she designed the cylons. Amanda moves in with Clarice. Zoe is annoying and unrepentant and for some reason Tamara listens to her. Daniel is really, really stupid. This was crap.

Ep 4

The characters on this show needed social workers armed with buckets of ice water but it's too late now. Micheal, Lomax's homehelp, looks into his death and learns more about the locket and the evil nurse.

The fake marriage plot drags on as Hattie chains her husband to a radiator. The librarian wants his book back as the Silent Singer prances in unscary fashion. Debbie is stupid and has a link to Hattie.

People annoy and none of the sub plots really seem linked to each other. The crass and uncaring Hattie gets her hands on the locket. There's murders, someone is arrested and this was okay.

Rubicon Ep 4

The Outsider

Will goes to DC. Meanwhile his team get a new task. The widow wanders around looking pale and tragic. Will gets a lecture on having the proper briefcase. The widow learns info from a takeaway menu. Will looks into the list of names. Will's team accept collateral damage. Men in grey suits wander around. This is okay.
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