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Freedom (2000) Ep 4 + Freakylinks Ep 2 Reviewed

Ep 4


was about how the US had become a police state due to Air Force One going down. Four soldiers refuse to enforce martial law and are locked up in the wonderfully named William Jefferson Clinton Federal Prison and escape (all that is in ep 1). Now they're part of the resistance trying to bring down The Regime while eeeevil Colonel Devon (James Morrison) tries to capture them.

Sadly Devon isn't in this ep which is a real shame as Morrison went all out large ham eeevil in the role. Our heroes are bemoaning the coffee embargo as they get on a plane with other resisance types. There is cheesy opening credits and this ep is a plodding, pointless exercise in non-suspence..

The plane crashes so dumb dolt Decker and his band of merry morons have to save the day. The plane was full of resistance leaders on route to a secret HQ. Only they know the date for the offensive and how to contact their people. Bad bad tactics. But one of them is a mole for The Regime (that is a dumb name).

This ep suffers from the absence of arch villain large ham Devon. Instead we get boring bickering, bad acting, terrible dialogue and it seems the resistance is populated with unpleasant idiots. The obvious traitor is foiled and the merry morons end up in a sauna snapping each other with towels. This was awful.

Best Lines:
"Barring cannibalism, there's nothing to eat."

"The enemy is everywhere."

"I'm starting to feel like an old lady with a bladder infection. Too many accidents."

Ep 2

Subject: Three Thirteen

A pregnant woman with unbrushed hair is in peril. Lan's been sexed up. Derek's still an idiot as he and his gang mock Vicky the pregnat woman and her husband. Derek's too sceptical seeing as how he faced down a shapeshifter in ep 1.

Vicky's plight is something to do with a missing woman named Delaney. Derek and co spew 'hip' banter while the show looks all slick and empty and pointless. Derek and the rest of the main cast are all wooden and seem bored. Vicky's story is interesting but the main cast are mediocre and they end up at a sludge pit, how apt. This was okay not as criminally inept and subpar as ep 1.

Best Lines:
"The demon made you shop?"

"We made contact."
"With what?"

"Delaney's calling long distance."

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