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Vintage trailers time

'Nine Dead' trailer
9 people are kidnapped, for a reason. Looks ok.

'Breathing Room' trailer
People trapped in a room, looks dire.

'Satan's Cheerleaders' trailer
Noxious cheerleaders are kidnapped by crazies. This looks bizarre and why hasn't it been remade yet?

'Happy Birthday to Me' trailer
This looks cheesy.

'The Lamp' trailer
A muppet genie kills a bimbo's friends. This is a terrible movie with bad acting, the trailer makes it look fun. This trailer LIES.

'April Fool's Day' (1986) trailer
Bad trailer, good film, DO NOT watch the remake.

'Tourist Trap' trailer
This looks weird.

'Cheerleader Camp' trailer
This looks ridiiculous. I want to see it though, it looks fun bad not 'The Lamp' bad.
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