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Movie Review: Somewhere in Time (1980)

Richard a playwright stays at the Grand Hotel while having a crisis. The hotel has a Hall of History where he spies the spotlit photo of a woman from 1912. Richard becomes a tad obsessed with this woman Elise.

Elise was a stage actress, Richard met her when she was old. But old people are useless, he wants young hot Elise. But as old Elise died just after she met him, he decides time travel is in order. He finds out a way to travel in time via the power of suggestion and self hypnosis.

So he buys a old suit, gets some 1912 coins, cuts his horrible 70's feathered hair and tries to time travel. He goes a bit mental and ends up climbing around in the rafters of the hotel after a failed attempt. Finally it works and he is in 1912.

Richard who is a bit broken and a stalker tracks down Elise earning the wrath of her creepy manager. Richard badgers Elise into spending time with him. Soon worn down, she wants to want him. They hook up and she informs him his suit is 15 years out of date. Richard smiles and then finds something in his suit pocket that breaks his hypnosis.

The was depressing and the ending is ludicrous. Elise simpered and Richard came across as a crazy crack addict.
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