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The Event Ep 22 Review

The Arrival
The final ever ep splats to earth like a cow pat. Sean and Leila bore. Samantha is mentioned but is not seen. Jarvis is still stupid. The virus release is foiled. People shoot at each other. The truth about the annoying Jarvis finally comes out and Martinez is POTUS again.

What became of Jarvis? Oh who cares. Sophia is stupid and needs shooting and yes her son deserved to die. Sean needs to shut up. Why does Simon not reveal what he knows? What are the scrolls all about? What was the point of Dempsey? Why was he experimenting on hybrids? Why were the parents of the hybrids never mentioned again? WTF was all this about?

Simon, Sterling, Sophia and Martinez hang out at the White House and then Sophia's people show up as their crispy planet comes through the portal. WTF? Christina is an alien. Leila's knocked up. Vicky loves Sean. Sophia needs shooting. The End. This was utter rubbish.

Best Lines:
"What about Jarvis?"

"This place was our home before it was yours."

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