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Tape Tale of 2002

Cleared out a tape from 2002. It had two season 3 'Roswell' eps as well as the final 'The X Files' season 9 ep on it.

First up was the 'Roswell' ep 'Four Aliens and a Baby' which looked cheap and showcased some hideous dye jobs. Isabel (Katherine Heigl) and her husband Jesse (Adam Rodriguez) have issues. Tess (Emile De Ravin of 'Lost') returns to be annoying,

Valenti has 70's hair. Isabel and Max's parents have finally copped on to the whole 'alien' thing. The military are looking for them. Max gives his and Tess' son up for adoption. People remember Alex and the fact Tess killed him. This was dull.

Then came the 'X Files' ep 'The Truth' which was a clip show and a misfire. Then came the final ever 'Roswell' ep 'Graduation' in which Liz has alien powers for some reason, there is bad acting and Max rips off 'Superman III'. The kids graduate, why aren't Isabel and Michael graduating?

Max, Isabel, Micheal, Liz, Kyle and Maria cram into one tiny van and ride off to escape the military. They leave behind their parents, possessions, family, college plans and careers. Isabel dumps Jesse, but hey Liz and Max marry and she wears some white abomination, Liz's dad cries and this is supposed to be happy? WTF?
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