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V Season 2 Ep 10 Review

Mother's Day
Lisa is fake abducted, Erica's finally back at work, Marcus lurks and another stupid plan is hatched. This was all incredibly stupid and populated by stupid people. Diana makes a big speech and is killed off, did no-one see Anna coming?

Lisa's locked up. Marcus cosies up to Anna. Ryan is killed by his bratty daughter. Tyler's stupid. Anna hatches a new daughter. Hobbes vanishes and we get to see what V's really look like: size 0 lizards.

Chad is stupid and arrested. Tyler is stupid and is dinner for Anna's new daughter. Amy can't act. Erica meets Lars (Marc Singer, who can't act) and learns of Project Ares which is a real proper resistance populated by competent people. Naturally she runs out the door into danger to investigate the scary noise.

Anna and Amy bliss humanity. WTF is bliss? Only Project Ares escapes bliss. Jack is blissed. Erica pulls faces, the V's have won. The End. This was dire. How can Amy bliss? Is Anna's new daughter pregnant? What happens to humanity? Where is Hobbes?

Best Line:
"Who've long suspected the V's are not of peace...that they've been here a lot longer than anyone has imagined."
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