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Book Reviews: The Tomorrow Code+Children of the Storm

The Tomorrow Code by Brian Falkner
Teenagers Tane and Rebecca receive a message from the future. It is a warning and they struggle to decipher the instructions and prevent a disaster. This is an okay sci-fi tale full of techno babble (quantum foam???) but it is enjoyable and bleak.

Star Trek Voyager: Children of the Storm by Kirsten Beyer
After 'Full Circle' and 'Unworthy', the 'Voyager' reboot comes to a screeching halt with this misfire. This book is boring and full of author tracts on motherhood and the wonder of psychoanalysis.

The fleet encounter an alien race called the Children of the Storm. Cue interior monologues, bungled diplomacy, Tom and B'Elanna worshiping their offspring and Harry Kim being boring.

Chakotay does nothing but think and talk about how wonderful Janeway was. Captain Eden's quest bores. The ship's counselor annoys and Seven has been softened so much she is just pathetic now. Neelix is brought back to exposition dump and worship the Voyager crew. All in all this is a dull uninteresting place holder.
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