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The Event Ep 21 +Caprica Ep 11 Reviewed

Two canceled tv shows for the price of one! Roll on 'Alcatraz' and 'Ringer'.

Ep 21

The Beginning of the End

Fat Sean rants and is stupid. Sean, Vicky, Sterling and Simon meet. Sean's stupid and aggressive. Jarvis annoys as he gloats. Aliens blather about "We were here first". Martinez wakes up and goes back to work. Simon won't explain why the aliens are here. The portal opens. This was okay but what became of the crazy reporter woman and her conspiracy nut little buddy?

Ep 11


Lacy takes part in a failed attack and is stupid. Daniel is gross. There is a thunderstorm. Amanda recalls stuff. Clarice kills some STO kids and her family seems to have vanished. This ep was all boring shrieking incoherence.

Agent Duram asks Amanda for help. Keon is killed off. Clarice is all: "History will absolve me." No it won't because it won't even recall you.

Best Lines:
"If there is an STO presence in that school, she's obviously protecting the students who are involved in it. But that doesn't mean she's involved."
"Sir, that is pretty much the definition of involved."

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