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The Walking Dead (2010 - ?) Season 1 Eps 1-3 Reviewed

Days Gone Bye

This was good. Rick is a sheriff’s deputy who is shot in the line of duty. When he wakes up the zombie apocalypse has happened. He staggers around the ruined hospital in an unnerving scene and makes his way back to his dust free home and nearly has a breakdown.

He meets a haunted man named Morgan (Lennie James of ‘Jericho’) and his son Duane. Rick decides to head for Atlanta. Morgan says he may join him in a few days. Rick’s trip into Atlanta goes badly wrong. Meanwhile Rick’s sexist jerk buddy Shane and Rick’s cow of a wife Lori are alive and hooking up.

This was creepy and the poor horse. Still there were a number of errors: why didn’t Rick get hurt walking barefoot over debris? Why was Rick’s house dust free? The hospital zombies stick their creepy hands through the chained door yet when Rick runs away the door is suddenly shut again.

Best Line:
You know about the dead people right?”


Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies of ‘Prison Break’) lives in a makeshift refugee camp with other survivors. She wanders off herself (after a zombie apocalypse) to do it with Shane in the woods (after a zombie apocalypse). Lori has no shame, just when did this affair start?

Rick’s trapped in a tank surrounded by walkers (aka zombies). He’s contacted by Glenn who saves his life. Rick, Glen and the rest of Glen’s gang are now trapped in a department store surrounded by hungry, hungry walkers.

No-one talks about what caused the outbreak or when Atlanta got over-run. Andrea is a useless annoying woman who screams a lot. Among the rest of the useless, whining idiots is Merle (Michael Rooker) who is a loon.

Rick and Glen come up with a plan to escape. It involves zombie guts; no-one seems too concerned about getting infected. The plan works until an ill-timed rainstorm. The zombies in this show can climb fences, stares, use doorknobs and pick things up. The gang barely escape but Merle is left behind. This was good.

Best Line:
“We need more guts.”

Tell it to the Frogs

Merle’s still handcuffed to the department store roof and is going crazier. Lori and Shane are playing at being a family. Andrea’s sister Amy annoy. The gang arrive back at the camp; Rick’s reunited with his family. His gunshot wound doesn’t seem to be bothering him anymore.

Why is nobody talking about what happened during the zombie apocalypse? Why does no-one wonder about the helicopter Rick saw back in ep 1? Life at the camp goes on. The women cower while the men folk kill zombies. Merle’s brother Daryl is as big a jerk as Merle. He pulls a knife and throws dead squirrels when he hears Merle was left behind.

Shane’s a shameless jerk and a liar. The walkers are moving out of the city. Lori is still annoying. The women do the laundry while Ed stares and menaces his downtrodden wife Carol. A plan is hatched. This was okay.
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