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Book Reviews: Blood of the Rose + Anno Dracula

Blood of the Rose by Kate Pearce

Book two of ‘The Tudor Vampire Chronicles’ is a trashy read full of badly written sex scenes, a ‘hero’ who is a violent sexist idiot with serious impulse control problems and a ‘heroine’ who is a stupid doormat who accepts that her amour’s bad treatment of her is all her fault.

In the court of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn bewitches the King with her vampire charm while druids, slayers, plots and magic revolve around them. The meathead ‘hero’ Christopher and dumb ‘heroine’ Rosalind must protect the King from his evil mistress. They also have a lot of bad sex and a toxic relationship.

Despite its trashiness and cast of idiots, this is an okay strangely enthralling read.

Anno Dracula by Kim Newman

Imagine a world where Dracula defeated Van Helsing. Where the Count married Queen Victoria and now rules an England whose citizens are choosing to become vampires in increasing numbers.

In Whitechapel a killer targets vampire prostitutes. Charles Beauregard if the Diogenes Club and the vampire Genevieve investigate. It’s a small piece of a much larger puzzle. This is a glorious look at a savage world. The book is full of homages and cameos and is a dark engrossing read.
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