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The Green Hornet (1966-1967) Ep 10 + The Green Hornet (1940) Chapter One

The Preying Mantis

There’s a protection racket in town and they are targeting the Golden Lotus Café. So Britt tells Kato to get the car ready. Why can’t Britt get his own damn car ready? The Black Beauty needs a bumper sticker that says ‘I heart violence’. The duo head out to fight crime and the villain o’the week tosses Kato into a trash can.

Britt’s TV channel covers the racket; the TV channel looks low rent. The villain o’the week turns out to be a minion to an unmemorable generic baddie. The villain o’the week Lo Sing says: “How would you stop us?” and everyone looks at Kato.

Kato prepares to pay evil unto evil. The sidekicks brawl. Cue yelling, throwing things, weapons, jumping around, attacking and the Green Hornet mocks Lo Sing by uttering an unbelievably sexist line of dialogue.

Lo Sing knocks Kato’s hat off and cuts his face. Kato still wins despite having to hold his mask on. The Green Hornet shows no concern that Kato is bleeding from the forehead and Kato still drives them home. How did Kato get his hat back anyway? Britt, Casey and Axford eat at the Golden Lotus. Kato is nowhere to be seen. Maybe he’s stitching himself up at home all by himself. This was okay.

Chapter One: The Tunnel of Terror

A black&white serial from the days of ‘Hop A Long Cassidy’. It opens to a flurry of exposition dumping dialogue. Kato is a chemist and engineer but is still a doormat to Reid. Kato is very carefully mentioned to be Korean, I guess due to the era. The duo has a very obvious secret passageway to their secret garage.

Michael Axford is a reporter/former Britt bodyguard/ex-cop. Britt’s dad who may or may not be dead wrote editorials. Lenore worked for Britt’s dad. Britt is a jerk; seriously he is neck and neck with Seth Rogen’s Britt in the obnoxiousness stakes.

Kato built the car, the gas gun and made the Hornet’s full face mask which has a hornet drawn on it. Kato’s costume is a bit weird and he wears goggles, there was a homage to that in the 2011 movie. The car is ugly. Once Britt puts on the mask, someone else provides the Green Hornet voice.

The Hornet sets out to deal with a construction racket. This is his first night out. WTF is the plot about? I’m not really sure. The Hornet menaces someone and leaves a calling card. Kato isn’t really in this; I guess he sits in the car. Lenore calls the Hornet “Robin Hood”. There’s a dam accident, stock footage and a tunnel. Plus a cliffhanger. This was not good.

Best Line:
“The paper should reflect public opinion not mould it. I also believe that law enforcement should be left to the properly constituted authorities.”
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