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Movie Review: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (1989)

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (1989)

Mediocre, dull kiddie's film that tries and fails to be Nightmare Fodder.

In some vague time in Englandshire, two young cousins are left in the care of an evil governess. One girl's mother is a total hypochondriac and heads off a cruise with her husband, leaving her daughter in their mansion in the middle of a perpetual snowstorm where packs of wolves run rampant.

The evil governess and her gorked out sidekick torment the two bad child actresses. But as the girls portray two spoilt, vile little brats - no-one really cares. The two brats discover via a convenient secret passageway that evil governess plans to steal their inheritance. So the brats are promptly dumped in an orphanage and made to work.

Can they escape and win back their inheritance? Will the evil governess be eaten by wolves for her plan of wealth redistribution? What do you think?
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