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Caprica Ep 10 + V Season 2 Ep 9 reviewed

Ep 10


Reading ‘The Beasts of Valhalla’ would mess with your head more than watching this show. Three weeks have passed since Zoë bratted out. The cylons are in production. Clarice is a nut and preaching about VR heaven and dreaming of blowing stuff up.

Joseph is embracing the mob life. He and Daniel have to work together again. Lacy trains in polytunnels and embraces the STO life because she’s dumb. Clarice meets a religious leader called the Blessed Mother, it seems the church and the STO are one and the same.

There is foreshadowing talk of boxing, toasters and resurrection. Daniel is offensive. Clarice dreams of turning souls into code. Zoë, who doesn’t care that she killed someone in ep 9, stomps around VR looking for fellow deadwalker Tamara. Zoë is still a cow. There’s a non-twist ending. This was good.

Best Line:
“A religion that removes the need for faith.”

“Do what you’re good at doing: making things go boom. Leave the business of saving souls to the professionals.”

“The armed branch of the church is the only reason it made it through the lean years.”

Ep 9

Devil In a Blue Dress

Concordia is being built. Erica is still not back at work. Tyler shows up acting contrite but he soon gets over that. Marcus meets Diana and before you know it, he’s displaying emotion all over the place.

Ryan lurks. Dr Miller figures out what Concordia is really for, does he never go to work? Ryan’s daughter Amy cuddles with Anna. Erica plans to sabotage the blue energy reactor, her plan fails.

Ryan is terrible at explaining himself, no-one pauses to wonder is Diana is being truthful and Anna goes all out large ham – she has no quiet inside voice. Erica yells. Joshua conveniently gets his memory back. Chad gets his anti-V co-worker fired. Dr Miller figures out the V armada are in orbit. Hobbes is a massive hypocrite. Erica comes up with another cunning plan. This was okay.

Best Lines:
They’re building landing sites.”

“Their invasion ships aren’t on the way, they’re already here.”

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