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The Event Ep 20 + Fringe Season 3 Ep 18 Reviewed

Ep 20

One Will Live, One Will Die

A good ep and the show is cancelled, shame. If they’d cut out Sean, Leila, Jarvis, Dempsey and Thomas, they may have had a chance. Sophia continues to be grating and noxious, Jarvis is a stupid idiot. Sean and Vicky exposition dump as they run around a mall. Sterling sits at home smoking, I guess he’s walked off all the damage Thomas did to him.

Simon who has no concept of stealth sneaks into Sterling’s house. They have a face off and Sterling decides to forget and forgive. He’s really mellowed out hasn’t he? Simon has acquired a leather jacket and shades from somewhere. Meanwhile Simon’s former devoted underling is out to catch him.

Sean bores; Leila’s an infected prisoner because she’s stupid. Jarvis tries to have Sterling and Simon blown up by a predator drone; this provokes the General to walk out. How can anyone not realise how compromised Jarvis is? So who is the second White House mole? How did Simon get into the hospital? How can the aliens fix brain damage?

Ep 18


This season has way too much Olivia. Alt Olivia fears she has VPE and then she’s abducted. She’s strapped to a gurney and her pregnancy is accelerated. A season 1 call back. Speaking of season 1, where is alt John Scott? And what was John Scott up to anyway?

Henry the cab driver is menaced by the stupid Alt Lee, who cannot act. Alt Olivia’s doctor seems to have no concept of doctor/patient confidentiality. Walternate lurks, where is alt Elizabeth? Why are there typhoid shots in the alt universe?

Alt Olivia gives birth. Alt Lee and alt Charlie discuss their doubts; I wonder is that will ever crop up again. The bloody Observer lurks, I do note care. At all. This was dull.
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