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Trailers and stuff

Boot Camp’ trailer
Bratty kids are sent to a hellish reform boot camp, this looks good.

The Event’ 1x22 trailer
This is the event? Simon says “We were here first” and I hope stuff gets wrapped up.

Stiff Lips’ Quote
They were useful, these new mirrors, and not all frightening, but even so I didn’t gaze into them any more than I had to, especially after dark.”

CSI: NY’ Quote
When they’re not puking in the toilet, they’re usually at cheer practice.”

‘Spaced’ Quotes
“Mike’s just got back into the Territorial Army. He got chucked out cos he nicked a tank and tried to invade Paris.”

“She’s Daisy’s best friend. Although I’m not entirely sure why.”

“I punched a bloke in the face once for saying Hawk The Slayer was rubbish.”

Glee’ Quote
I sold my home to a nice young couple and salted the earth in the backyard so nothing could grow there for 100 years.”

Modern Family’ Quotes
“Why’s he taping our laptops shut?”

“Deceitful manipulative monsters and they need to be broken.”

Raising Hope’ Quote
Come on mongooses, make a move.”

‘Camelot’ Quotes
Have you performed a summoning? Did you ask for anything?”

“You deserve what you got. Nothing.”

Hawaii Five-0’ Quote
You see that door? That’s built to withstand a 300 pound Samoan meth addict.”

Series 2 of ‘Sherlock’ sounds good.

They’re going to film one my favourite Agatha Christie novels ‘Crooked House’. Yay!

Coming Soon: reviews for the remainder of ‘Nikita’ as well as season 6 of ‘Supernatural’.
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