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Movie Review: Agora

Agora (2010)

391AD, Hypatia lives in Alexandria. The lighthouse which is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World can be glimpsed in the distance. Hypatia lectures and hangs out at a library as she and her fellow pagans are being harassed by the Christians.

Hypatia just wants to study and let things be. But her father is intolerant. Davus her slave is drawn to the Christians. Orestes woos Hypatia but she just wants to teach and enjoy the sunshine. But a riot breaks out and the Christians storm the library and destroy it.

Hypatia saves a few scrolls and stays at home pondering a heliocentric model of the Earth, sun and wanderers (planets). Davus has run off to become a Christian. Pagans are now the persecuted. Some years pass and more religious violence erupts.

Many of Hypatia’s former students are now Christians but she still continues her studies finally making a great discovery. But then the mob comes for her. This was an okay biography that shows what a terrible shame it is that her works were obliterated. It's nice to look at just not very engrossing.
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