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Psychoville Series 2 Ep 3 + Rubicon Ep 2 Reviewed

Ep 3

Mr Lomax hates Tony Hancock. But soon he joins Joy and Robert the dwarf who still can’t act in death. The bogus marriage plotline drags on having seemingly nothing to do with anything.

Mr Jelly impersonates Mr Jolly at a party and humiliates himself and gets into a bad situation. The plots are getting more bizarre, ridiculous, random and underdeveloped. The Librarian and the Silent Singer lurk in someone’s bedroom; they really want an overdue book back.

This was awful. The plot is all over the place and makes no sense. The Silent Singer/Librarian aren’t scary at all and their plot and the fake visa wedding have no relation to the mental hospital/locket/murders plotlines.

Ep 2

The First Day of School

This is cancelled, shame as it is an okay watch. The will of Tom the suicide from ep 1 is read and his widow (Miranda Richardson) finds things out. Will is now a team leader at the ‘American Policy Institute’ think tank.

He and his team eat in a cafeteria that looks like it belongs in a prison. Then Will looks into the crossword thing and finds stuff out. Cue Will staring at a typewritten page, a member of the team spying on the other members, Will yells and is being watched. This is okay. The owl statute makes me recall ‘Twin Peaks’: “The owls are not what they seem.”
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