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Dead Set Ep 1 Review

Dead Set

A group of morons become besieged in the Big Brother house when the UK is over-run by zombies.

Ep 1
This was preceded by some very cool ads. Sadly ep 1 didn't quite live up to the hype. As the self-obsessed, inane morons in the Big Brother house prepare for eviction night, the staff and crew of 'Big Brother' fail to notice the zombie apocalypse over-running the country. The Big Brother producer sees footage of urban unrest on tv and comments: "Why do people riot anyway? It's not the 80's."

However eviction night turns into a bloodbath as a series of random events bring the zombie infection to the doors of the BB house. One of the few surviours is Kelly, a slutty intern on the production crew. Drenched in blood she runs into the BB house for shelter. There the moron contestants greet her as a new housemate. Her frantic warnings of what is going on are ignored until a zombie bursts in.

Meanwhile the vile BB producer has also survived and is trapped with the recently evicted housemate Pippa. Unfortunately for them they're trapped by the zombified BB host Davina McCall.

This was rather dull and the MTV editing, murky picture and unsympathetic moron characters didn't help. The best thing about it was Davina McCall. Still I'll give Ep 2 a try, hopefully it'll improve.
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