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Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife (2011) Review

The Doctor receives a Time Lord distress call; it lures him out of the universe to a mysterious asteroid. This ep reminds me a lot of ‘Lexx’ and it was written by Neil Gaiman.

The Doctor is menaced by the sentient asteroid House (Michael Sheen). Amy treats Rory like crap some more. The Tardis is given human form in Idris (Suranne Jones of ‘Coronation Street’). There’s running around corridors, spooky stuff and Idris talks a lot. This was good after three lacklustre eps to start this series.

Best Lines:
Sorry about the mad person.”

“I really don’t know what to do. That’s a new feeling.”

“We’re leaving the universe.”
“How can you leave the universe?”
“With enormous difficulty.”

“Where we’ve never ever been.”

“You’re a mad bitey lady.”

“He must have been redistributed.”
“Meaning, what?”
“You’re breathing him.”

“Fear me; I’ve killed hundreds of Time Lords.”
“Fear me; I’ve killed all of them.”

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