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Book Review: Ash A Secret History

Ash: A Secret History by Mary Gentle

This fantasy/alternate history/science fiction tale is 1,113 pages long. It is well worth the read. In 2000 Piecre Ratcliff a historian is translating documents about a medieval female mercenary named Ash.

In 1476 Ash leads a mercenary company that become caught up in the Visigoth Empire’s invasion of Europe. As Ash’s story is told it becomes clear that the history, geography and religion of her world are nothing we know.

It’s an impossible history but Ratcliff is finding evidence that it really happened, in fact the world seems to be changing around him. This is a very good book, a long complicated tale of history, myth and reality.

Best Line:
Ash and her world are what are world used to be. They are no more.”
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