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Psychoville Series 2 Ep 2+Rubicon 1x01+Hawaii Five-0 1x16+Law & Order Criminal Intent 9x04 Reviewed

Ep 2

Robert the dwarf who still can’t act escapes his captors and tracks down Debbie. The stupid Debbie is working on film being directed by John Landis. The fake marriage to a waiter plotline drags on. A copper is the one tracking the locket. The creepy mother and son have a terrible dinner party.

Robert gives the locket to Debbie. The librarian continues to freak out. This was dull filler. I’m sick of this collection of idle, shiftless, unwashed, amoral, mean-spirited useless lot.

Ep 1

Gone in the Teeth

I’m not really sure what this show is about or what is going on. There is a spy agency, messages in crossword puzzles, a four leaf clover, a suicide and a mumbling lead named Will Travers.

There’s a train crash that kills Will’s mentor, snow that appears, disappears and reappears, chess and a mysterious meeting. This is okay and intrigues so I’ll stick with it.

Best Lines:
There’s always a why.”

“You were a genius at cracking codes. Until the codes cracked you like an egg.”
“Like an egg.”
“Not my metaphor.”

Ep 16

E Malama

After a string of mediocre eps, comes this tale that opens when a US Marshal and a protected witness are ambushed at an FBI safe house. Steve and Chin Ho have to save the witness. Chin Ho gets all sweaty and Steve unleashes his SEAL skills.

Meanwhile the annoying midget deals with his ex wife Rachel getting car jacked. Kono hangs around, she doesn’t get to go tracking with Steve and Chin Ho. Steve has a gun with a built in flashlight. Chin Ho hits a guy with a shovel. Kono kicks someone through a shoddily constructed door. This was good.

Why was there a lighter in the bathroom? Why didn’t Rachel lock the car doors? Why do the female lawyers look like rejects from ‘One Tree Hill’? Where did the motorbike come from? How did the gun get by security?

Best Lines:
“Really, the rock told you that?”

“You put them down and you make sure they stay down.”

Ep 4


‘Law & Order’
does its take on ‘Black Swan’. It’s been a while since I watched this show but when did the theme song get so bad and when did every single cast member change?

A vile ballet student is thrown over a balcony. Ethan the creepy, noxious instructor is an immediate suspect. But attention soon switches to two other students. A girl with a nagging foot injury and vile parents and Paulette, a girl with a tendency towards stalking.

Cue creepy teacher, vile parents, breath smelling, mass anti-freeze poisoning and a bizarre murder weapon. This was okay sadly no-one got to shriek: "I'm the Swan Queen!" in this.
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