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The Event Ep 19+Fringe Season 3 Ep 17+V Season 2 Ep 8 Reviewed

Ep 19

Us or Them

This is to ‘Lost’ what Emma Samms is to Helena Bonham Carter. Christina continues her shrillness. Jarvis becomes President. Simon is still shackled to a bed watching TV. Michael’s stupid, nothing new there.

Sean and Vicky chase the lung courier onto a plane full of comedy accents. How did the lungs get past security? We never know but Sean and Vicky continue to bore. When did Sean get a fake passport? We’ll never know. Sophia orders Michael to kill Simon. Why do they follow Sophia so loyally? Maybe we’ll learn that.

Sean is stupid. Samantha is AWOL. Leila is wooden. Michael is shamed by Leila. Blake’s shirt yields an answer. So he confronts the extremely stupid Jarvis and is fired. Sophia makes Jarvis her lapdog and he folds like a cheap napkin.

Michael helps Simon. Given the amount of time Simon has been tied to that bed, I’m amazed he hasn’t grown into it. When did Vicky go soft? Sean threatened her fake son and she lets him away with it. Sean and Vicky lose the lungs.

This was boring. Granted another useless character was killed off but that wasn’t enough to save this ep. Too much stupidity. Anyway why did they make an antidote to the stroke poison? If she wipes out the human race, why does Sophia and co plan to do with billions of dead bodies?

Ep 17


The Bell possessed Olivia continues her silly accent and hits on Astrid. A woman throws herself and a man off a balcony; she walks away while people stand around watching. Lincoln Lee exists in this universe as an FBI agent, for some reason Olivia never looked him up.

So Lee joins the Fringe crew on the case of the “soul vampire” woman. This was okay. How did she get a job at a suicide hotline? How did no-one notice the unattended bag?

Best Lines:
“That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be able to prevent the events depicted in that picture. I mean that could just simply be your fate.”

“Is that even a scientific concept?”

“Stowaway to heaven.”

Ep 8

Uneasy Lies The Head

There is a big spinning thing in the V ship that looks like an ear of corn. There are exposition dumps and Erica plans to attack Anna via “DNA bombs.” Ryan punches out Joshua, Ryan and Joshua are now utterly superfluous characters.

Hobbes is shot but walks it off. Tyler needs to die. Erica’s plan fails because Anna is slicker than her hair. Ryan flies away via a secret escape shuttle. Diana reveals that she trusts Marcus. Erica and Hobbes get it on. Lisa talks to Marcus. This was dull. No wonder this show was cancelled.
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