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‘True Blood’ Season 4 trailer

‘Nikita’ 1x22 trailer
Renew this.

The Event’ 1x21 trailer
Someone needs to shoot Sophia and soon.

Final Destination 5’ trailer
A bridge disaster and Tony Todd is back. This has to better than the dreadful 3&4. Was I wrong to laugh at the acupuncture bit?

The Green Hornet’ (1940) trailer
Before Bruce Lee, there was this black&white movie serial. It has a wasp, a mask that looks like a shovel, bad fights; the Green Hornet looks like the Phantom of the Opera and drives his own ugly car. I think Kato walked by the camera once. I think I’ll check this out.

‘Gymkata’ trailer
Oh my, a new word in stupid.

Invasion USA’ trailer
Chuck Norris, his beard and his unbuttoned shirt save the country.

The Concrete Jungle’ trailer
In this prison, nothing is barred. So much sleaze and lines like: “Ski bunny carrying her own snow.” Still it looks better than season 4 of ‘Prison Break’.

Pretty Little Liars’ Quotes

“I will kick in her cello.”

“Where’s Toby?”
“Out in the woods, sacrificing squirrels.”

“Never look back Hanna; something might be gaining on you.”

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes

“Can I fix you something to eat?”
“No, no need to spray cheese on anything.”

“Mike went on a spiritual quest about eight months ago. Moved in with a large group of like minded people. As they’ve been no reports on the news of mass suicides, we assume he’s doing very well.”

“Last time I offered him a cold drink he stayed for six years.”

“Let’s call him up and rub the happiness in his face.”

“You know what the sacred pamphlet says.”

“My kid is the only person in history to get rejected by a cult.”

Camelot’ Quotes

And I thought my opinion of you couldn’t get any lower.”

“Fear spreads like plague.”

“Fate can go begging.”

“You created a legend.”

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