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The Green Hornet (1966 – 1967) Ep 3 Review

Programmed For Death
A reporter for the Daily Sentinel is killed by a leopard. Or rather the fact that he falls through a window in shock at the sight of the leopard kills him. The bland pretty boy Britt barely raises an eyebrow.

We get to see Scanlon approach the secret entrance to Britt’s lair. Kato carries a tray. Britt makes logic leaps. The Green Hornet and Kato wear different and really bad masks in this ep,

The plot has to do with artificial diamonds. The Hornet gets locked in a freezer by an old codger. Then after he escapes, he and Kato manage to enter a room full of criminals without anyone noticing. Then Axford shows up and gets captured, again.

Axford is thick. The Hornet and Kato prepare to dispense justice with fists and feet. Kato, the Hornet and Axford get chased by the leopard and some goons.

Axford is mauled but has not a scratch on him. Goons attack and Kato defeats them. But its night-time and he’s wearing black and is practically invisible. Afterwards Kato smiles. Axford’s diamond gang story ends up on the front page. Britt looks bland. No wonder Kato was the most popular cast member. This was good.

Why is there a dirty alley so close to Britt’s 60’s street? Why are there green lights in Britt’s garage? Is it just to look cool?

Best Lines:
“But how could the leopard have gotten to the city room eight floors above the street?”

“You cut me in or I cut you out.”

“You can’t turn me over to the Green Hornet. I don’t mind dying but if someone’s going to kill me. Let it be anyone but him.”

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