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V Season 2 Ep 7 Review

Birth Pangs

Erica’s finally on the offensive, took her long enough. Tyler’s stupid and has a football hooligan haircut. Erica and Hobbes fly to Thailand and then Hong Kong without attracting any attention.

Anna pimps out Lisa. Dr Miller finally shows up again. Jack’s out of the priesthood and brooding. I wonder if TPTB are making a comment about how he’s kicked out pretty fast for not liking V’s while others are not for much worse crimes.

Erica and co deduce that Anna is “stealing DNA”. The V’s master plan seems a bit dumb, they want to take human biological distinctiveness and add it to their own. They’re like a biological Borg.

Lisa is feeling aggression, isn’t that a human emotion? The V’s make no sense. They have claws apparently, where do they keep them? Anna has a spare Queen egg, I’m sure we’ll see that again.

Ryan’s daughter rapidly matures and talks. Ryan is useless now. Lisa and Diana chat. Anna annoys and smirks like Fred West buying cement. This was bad. Why does Lisa care about Tyler the snot? What was in the vitamins? Who made the V clothes?
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