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Book Review: Night Blooming

Night Blooming by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

From the author of 'The Palace' and 'Crusader's Torch' comes this novel set in 800 AD during the reign of Karl-lo-magne. Rakoczy de Sanctus Germanius is ordered to attend the court of the Frankish conqueror Karl-lo-magne.

As he deals with court intrigue, he becomes caught up in the fate of Gynethe Mehaut. She is an albino afflicted with stigmata. Thusly she is regarded with suspicion by all around her. Rakoczy is ordered to take her before the Pope.

Their long journey causes the two to bond. But they are star crossed and surrounded by ingnorance and cruelty. This is an excellent tale of the Dark Ages. It is a fascinating yet relentlessly sad tale.
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