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The Green Hornet (1966-1967) Eps 2 + 26 Reviewed

Ep 2

Give 'Em Enough Rope

A criminal kills a guy. Axford is knocked out and gets a blast from the gas gun. The Hornet and Kato run around. The Daily Sentinel has a front page headline that declares: 'Green Hornet Masterminds Insurance Racket'. You'd think that in 1966 a paper would have more subjects for the front page that that.

Axford opens the paper up to a libel lawsuit for ONE MILLION DOLLARS by forgetting a basic rule of journalism. Casey dresses like an ice cream sandwich and seems to hate any other woman alive. Nobody bothers to lock their doors and windows in a town where a notorious mob boss is running around. Kato kicks a guy in the face.

Britt pontificates into a huge dictaphone as he and Kato plan to take down an "accident racket". Kato has almost no lines, a lawyer is kidnapped and The Green Hornet blows up a guys cane. Kato lurks on a balcony for no clear reason.

It's all centred on a custom car shop that is named 'Custom Car Shop'. Cue fight scene and a final scene without Kato. Par for the course. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"I got a new angle on the story."
"Tear it up!"
"Tear it up?"
"One lawsuit is enough."

"That remark will cost you an extra 10%."

"The law and I don't see eye to eye."

"The Green Hornet doesn't like competition."

"Britt you've no adventure in your soul."

"I hope he never gets caught. But if he does I shall defend him for free."

Ep 26

Invasion From Space Part II

The final ever ep. It seems TPTB may have finally started to realise what they had in Bruce Lee as he gets actual dialogue in this ep. He had more charisma than Van Williams, that's for sure.

The nutter prances around in his tinfoil costume as he plans to set off his stolen atom bomb and frame the Hornet for it. The Hornet and Kato ride around in a silent running Black Beauty as they try to find him.

The Hornet and Kato walk into a trap. The baddies o'the week don't wonder why a crime lord is trying to foil their cunning plan. They don't try to unmask the duo either. Kato could probably have beaten up all of them but instead he and his boss get tied up and stuffed into their car to be blown up. The indignity of it. Still this is the only time Kato gets to sit in the back seat.

The villain calls Kato by his name. Which makes you wonder why the cops never caught them. Anyway Kato and the Hornet escape the death trap to chase down the baddie and his henchpeople in their stupid outfits. The baddie tools around in a truck carpeted in velour.

Kato finally starts kicking people, the Hornet punches people and reflects a death ray with a mirror. The baddie is foiled. In the final scene, Scalon, Britt, Kato and Casey all hang out at Reid's pad. Casey looks like something threw up on her and Kato calls his boss "Mr Reid", sigh. This was okay. But why did the baddies wear such stupid outfits and why did Kato and the Green Hornet let themselves get tied up?

Best Lines:
"You must be mad."
"Don't ever say that to me."
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