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Exile Part 3 + Psychoville Series 2 Ep 1 Reviewed

Well it couldn't sustain the intense tone. Tom wants to learn Sam's secrets to such an extent that he tries to drown Sam in the bathtub to get him to talk. When that fails, Tom resorts to other measures to uncover Metzler's dirty secrets. And dirty they are. Tom finds out the secret and why his dad hid it.

This wasn't all that enthralling. There are exposition dumps and plot holes. The explanation given for Sam beating Tom to a pulp is supposed to justify everything. It does not explain why Sam never made any attempt to rectify his actions. Tom forgives his dad and in a vomit inducing scene visits his dad in respite care and makes a long speech about how it was all for his own good. It is ick.

Sam is held up as man of integrity but when you get right down to it, he wasn't. The whole plot resolution leaves a bad aftertaste and the 'it was for Tom's own good' tone is nauseating. This series started off well but this was not a worthy resolution.

Ep 1

Despite the events of series 1 and the Halloween special, the vast majority of the cast of grotesques return. However operatives are watching them, are they after the mysterious locket? New characters debut: an annoying mother and son and a creepy librarian. The librarian keeps seeing a figure prancing around: The Silent Singer. I guess we're supposed to be creeped out but no.

Mr Jelly is still obnoxious even as he uncovers Mr Jolly's secrets. Joy's husband finally leaves. A man asks questions and one really annoying character finally finally gets theirs. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"I want to feel like I'm in 'Minority Report' , not a village post office."

"Will you marry him for me?"

"Your assailant is safely ensconced in his grave."

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