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'Pontypool' trailer
Another zombie movie. Looks good.

'Stake Land' trailer
Looks really good.

'Terra Nova' trailer
This looks stupid.

'Fringe' 3x20 promo
Now we're finally getting somewhere! This looks really good despite season 3 being creatively bankrupt: "I've seen doomsday and it's worse than anything you can possibly imagine."

'The Event' 1x20 promo
Simon and Blake! Finally!

'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' trailer
No. Just NO.

'Cathy's Curse' trailer
This 70's schlock fest looks so bad that I want to see it. I love movie trailer guys VO: "Don't take her dolly" and "She seems to be running out of friends"

'The Edge of Hell' trailer
Hand puppets from hell menace a rock band who wear leather studded cod pieces and have 80s hair. Nothing could make me watch this.

'ROT: Reunion of Terror' trailer
This looks awful and not good awful just awful.

'Something Wicked This Way Comes' trailer
I have vague memories of seeing this as a kid: "Never whisper your dreams for someone might be listening."

'Student Bodies' trailer
Looks awful.

'Return to Sleepaway Camp' trailer

'Dracula AD 1972' trailer 
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. It's kind of fun in a campy way though.

'Dread' trailer
Okay this looks freaky.
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