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Exile, Part 2 (2011) Reviewed

Tom looks into Metzler (Timothy West). Nancy does know about Sam attacking Tom and tries to explain it away as being due to stress. Tom continues to care for his abuser. Meanwhile an unwelcome sub plot concerning Tom’s affair with Nancy who is married to his on off childhood best friend continues. Tom has no shame.

Metzler is a local big wig and is unscary. Sam investigated him while deputy editor of the local paper. There were some rumblings about Metzler being involved in a care home controversy. Tom tries to get Sam to recall what happened.

Tom shags Nancy and tracks down Sam’s former secretary Wendy. She doesn’t want to help. She also knows about Sam attacking Tom. Nancy sings ‘Toxic’ at a karaoke night. An appropriate comment on this broken family. Tom continues to have flashbacks to his father smashing his face into a desk.

Tom is menaced by coppers and told to get out of town. He ignores this and hangs out with Mandy the slapper and takes his dad to a football game. But then the ante is upped when Tom is sent information that once again shatters his relationship with his father. This was okay but not as good as part 1. Mostly due to the unconvincing romance with Mandy and Metzler looming like a big unscary thing.
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