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The Event Ep 18 Review


In Russia, some dead meat types do some unscientific hacking at a corpse. Jarvis’ scummy behaviour reaches new lows. Martinez is poisoned and suffers a massive stroke.

In their usual bad acted boring plots Sean and Vicky run around. Blake looks for a way to foil Jarvis. Sophia is disgusting. Michael and Leila bore. Simon is nowhere to be seen.

The corpse is a victim of the Spanish Flu and so Vicky and Sean have to chase its lungs to the USA. Blake’s plans to thwart Jarvis are thwarted or are they? Martinez’s wife Christina continues her badly acted histrionics.

This was not as good as it could have been. How are Sean and Vicky paying for their adventures and wouldn’t Blake have noticed the coffee stain before he did? Why aren't they looking for who helped Simon escape? Why is no-one concerned that Simon was an alien?

Best Line:
“If you go in there with anything less than a smoking gun, you’ll look like a lunatic.”
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