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The Green Hornet (1966-1967) Eps 1&25 Reviewed

The Silent Gun
I have my 'Green Hornet' (2011) dvd. Yay! Anyway here a man is killed with a silent gun. A gun that is possibly a copy of an OSS gun. The Green Hornet and Kato menace the dead man's galpal to find the gun. Also Mike Axford gets a face full of Hornet gas.

The Green Hornet and Kato hide on a fire escape. There is a bad guy in this ep named Trump. Kato kicks around baddies and gets a baddie to talk by waving a hand at him, ominously. The gun is in the hands of a preening baddie who is foiled. This was okay. Mike Axford lived with Britt Reid and his daddy? How many times have The Green Hornet and Kato beat up Axford?

Best Lines:
"With bodyguards like you, a man doesn't need enemies."

"I know a lot about a lot of things."

"I remember once we paid 5,000 to an axe murderer."

Invasion From Outer Space, Part 1
To think the show went out with THIS as its penultimate ep. Casey wears an outfit that makes her look like a turkey. A UFO crashes outside the city. Reid's radio (which is the size of a dining room table) talks about an alien invasion. Then very quickly the tinfoil clad 'aliens' invade Reid's swinging bachelor pad. There is mention of the future moonlandings, it is kind of weird to watch a show where Neil Armstrong had not yet set foot on the moon.

Casey is dumb. Kato is unconscious and Reid is in a smoking jacket. Reid is menaced by the 'aliens'. Casey is a hostage, yet again. The 'alien invasion' is all part of a not so cunning master plan to steal a warhead that just happens to be passing through the unnamed city that Reid, Kato and co live in.

So this is sort of a camp version of 'Flight of the Black Angel'. Anyhow this was truly terrible and do you note that not once in this shows run did Britt and Kato discuss how weird their relationship is?

Best Lines:
"We're going to land an astronaut on the moon, why can't another civilization land on Earth?"

"A fool and his bomb are soon parted."
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