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Exile (2011) Part 1 Reviewed

John Simm in a dark BBC three part drama? I'm there. Tom (Simm) is a washed up showbiz reporter who has lost his job, his woman and has a taste for nose candy. With nowhere else to go, he heads to his old home: grim up north.

Tom ends up shacked up with his bitter sister Nancy and his senile father Sam. Tom left years ago and his father burnt his belongings when he left. Tom has barely repressed rage toward his father. Flashbacks to the past slowly spell out what happened.

Sam used to be passionate about journalism and is well regarded by his neighbours. Tom rages about this and reveals to an old friend that he left home 18 years ago after his father beat him half to death. Tom has spent 18 years wondering why his father did that. This was good, a dark and engrossing drama.

So why did Sam do that and make no effort to make amends for 18 years? Does Nancy not know or care about what happened? What was in Sam's study that Tom wasn't supposed to see? What is the link with local big wig Metzler? Where did Sam's large bank account come from? What was on the tape that made Sam go berserk?

Best Lines:
"He occasionally screams in the night."

"The only reason I left is because he beat me half to death."

"Do I look insane?"

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