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Book Reviews: The Poison Master + Watching The Clock

The Poison Master by Liz Williams

Alivet Dee is an alchemist on the world Latent Emanation. Then something goes wrong and she is being chased by the planet's alien rulers The Lords of Night and their minions the Unpriests.

Alivet runs for her life and is aided by Ghairen, a poison master, who seeks to topple The Lords of Night. The duo become uneasy allies in a desperate plan.

This is very good. Darkness, poisons, the present and the past are all explored in this sci fi/fantasy hybrid. This is a wonderfully luscious read.

Star Trek Department of Temporal Investigations: Watching the Clock by Christopher L. Bennett

Agents Dulmur and Lucsly are the top agents at the DTI. Their job is to deal with the Temporal Cold War, misused relics of ancient long dead races and time traveling Starfleet officers.

This is a tale of time, duty, time travel and time wars. The plot twists up one side and down the other. It is full of continuity references, some so obscure I've no idea what they refer to.

This is a very good book, leaving aside Bennett's usual obsession with technobabble and junk science. There is already talk of a 2nd book in this series, I'd buy it.
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