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Book Review: People of the Book

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

A medieval Jewish prayer book has been saved from the ruins of Sarajevo after the war. Now historian and conservationist Hanna Heath has to preserve it and unlock its mysterious. Who wrote it? Who designed it? Who made it? When was it made and how did it make its way to Bosnia? Each tiny clue she finds in the book, salt crystals, a hair and wine stains, reveal a hidden piece of the book's past, unlocking its mysteries once and for all.

This is an irresistible story that begins in 1996 Sarajevo and takes the reader back in time to Sarajevo 1940, Vienna 1894, Venice 1609, Tarragona 1492 and Seville 1480 revealing the interconnected lives of those who have come in contact with the prayer book and shows bit by bit how the book came to exist and where it ended up. The turbulent history of the prayer book fascinates and draws you in.

This is a harrowing, haunting, sensuous tale of history and religious conflict. It is a must read.
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