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Cut off the Head

Sophia continues being crazy as she plans genocide and the death of Martinez. Jarvis blathers and reaches a new low. Lewis bores. Martinez finally gets suspicious of his wife. Leila bores. Simon's shackled to a bed.

As Sophia lies and Jarvis plans regime change, Dempsey blathers on about sentinels and sounds stoned. He is not referring to that old Richard Burgi show BTW. Dempsey kills himself, one bad actor down. Many to go. Micheal is an idiot. This was dull and about as enjoyable as reconstituted meat.

Best Line:
"The native population will be winnowed, substantially."

Subject 13

A sequel to season 2's 'Peter' and nowhere near as good. Peter's not yet under the influence of those who abducted him and Walter and Elizabeth can't cope with the fact Peter notices all the differences. Meanwhile Walter is experimenting on children in a daycare, one of whom is young Olivia.

Peter tantrums. Where is Walter's assistant Carla? Walter justifies the daycare experiments saying it's for Peter. Olivia's stepfather is creepy. Young Peter and Olivia hang out in a field of white tulips in an utterly unsubtle moment. Walter makes creepy Betamax recordings.

Meanwhile elsewhere Walternate and alt Elizabeth are falling apart. Walternate created the Starwars defense system but with Peter gone he just mopes in a t-shirt drinking. Alt Elizabeth is obviously being blamed for what happened. Walterate runs Bishop Dynamic in Florida where it is located near the space shuttle launch site. Then he learns where he son is, vengeance will soon ensue. This was good but nowhere near as good as 'Peter'. Plus in the end Peter begins to accept the lies he is told, poor brainwashed child. This show has never dealt in depth with the profound moral and legal conundrum of Walter's actions instead we get eps full of Olivia whinge fests.

Why didn't Olivia remember Walter or Peter as an adult? Why did Peter forget Olivia? Olivia knew about the other universe as a child and somehow forgot?

Best Lines:
"You're not my mother! I want to go home!"

"The Red Lantern isn't supposed to be green!"

"I crept over there in the night and I stole their child. And if we don't return him, they'll figure it out and they'll come after him. And us. I know because that's what I would do."


Ryan screws over the Resistance. Erica's stupidity gets her caught up in a siege. Erica feigns being a hostage, which the FBI buy for some inane reason. Chad, The Only Reporter In Town, is covering the story.

This ep was full of bad acting, sap and stupidity. Joe is stupid. Hobbes is blackmailed and does something dumb in a flurry of bad CGI. The investigation into Erica is canceled as Joe dies.

Tyler turns back into a snot. Erica needs to give up on him already. This ep was unbelievably awful, the 'Resistance' don't come even across as a uncompromising group of pub fighters. Plus Tyler needs to choke to death on his own smugness.


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