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V Season 2 Ep 5 Review


Anna plans a worldwide urban renewal project named Concordia. Seemingly no-one notices that her plans are what zoos will be like when the V’s take over as Concordia are actually landing pads for V ships. It seems the V invasion is imminent.

Erica summons Joe and tells him about the V’s. They figure teamwork may help the idiot Tyler. Chad’s boss brings in an anti-V reporter named Karen. Eli plots to assassinate Anna but has to settle for shooting the lurking Marcus instead. Ryan flip flops and Erica is being investigated.

This was okay. It has bad acting, Erica doing some unsubtle texting and Marcus being creepily jovial before being shot but it is okay. It has a hint of something interesting when Thomas replaces Marcus as Anna’s lackey and it is shown that V body language has layers we know nothing about.

Why is Chad such a big deal with Anna? Why won’t Erica and Joe parent their bratty child? Where is Dr Miller?

Best Lines:
“You’ve joined me on the FBI bad boy list.”

“The humans think they’re building the future while in fact they’re digging their own graves.”

“Welcome to Anna’s world. Whatever she wants to happen, happens.”

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