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Being Human Series 3 Eps 4-8 Reviewed

The Pack
Nina annoys. Annie and Mitchell get it on. McNair annoys. Annie’s irritating. Tom, McNair, Mitchell, Annie, George and Nina all meet. McNair is a vampire hunter. McNair and Mitchell have tension, so Mitchell wants rid of the scruffy, scarred, tattooed one.

Nina’s snotty and blows open Tom’s life and makes it all about her. There is terrible werewolf make up, I get the feeling that series 4 will be all about the werewolves. This was an awful episode.

Why did Mitchell keep that book? Where was hospital security?

Best Lines:
“What else could’ve done that?”
“I dunno. Foxes? A really pissed-off badger?”

“My third boyfriend pushed me down the stairs and killed me. So, I think a vampire is pretty much marriage material given my track record.”

“Retribution is coming from overseas.”

The Longest Day
George finds Herrick in the psych ward so he and Nina bring him home. They stop Mitchell from killing Herrick in a display of monumental stupidity. A lot of the trouble in ep 8 could have been avoided if they had staked him.

Nina is stupid and a snot. Mitchell is unwashed. Herrick runs around naked. Cara shows up and she is as annoying as ever. When did everyone get so stupid? Nina calls Herrick “Uncle Billy” and has him live in the attic because he has ‘amnesia’

The sight of George defending Herrick is ridiculous; the nice dynamic of series 1 is irretrievably lost due to the poison that is Nina wrecking the show.

Best Line:
“I hope a standing stone falls on them.”

Daddy Ghoul
George’s dad is dead. Annie just doesn’t know when to stop talking. Mitchell wants to know how Herrick came back from the dead. George is reunited with his dad and his mother who has hooked up with George’s horrible former PE teacher. DC Reid shows up to question Mitchell about the Box Tunnel 20.

Herrick is creepy. Annie is dense and decides to solve the BT20 case. George sees the damage he has done to his parents. The vile PE teacher Mr Logue (Danny Webb) is the best thing in this ep making it okay viewing.

Though The Heavens Fall
A flashback shows McNair’s origin and a dodgy wig. Nina is stupid. Reid annoys. Tom and McNair show up. Annie finds out about the BT20. This was a charmless, shrill and overheated ep.

The vampire conspiracy is still around. McNair killed Daisy and then Herrick kills him. Mitchell is a narcissistic addict. George is an unlovable clown. Annie is so stupid and strident. Mitchell is arrested. Are we meant to hate Nina, Annie, Reid and McNair this much?

Reid gets what’s coming to her. Herrick goes on a rampage, well done Nina. This ep was utterly dumb and unpleasant. The characters are either thoroughly unpleasant or pitifully weak.

Best Line:
Frankly, Mitchell couldn’t have done more to implicate himself if he’d left a confession and diagrams.”

The Wolf-Shaped Bullet
Annie is dumb. Herrick kills more people. The house is an abattoir. Annie can come and go from purgatory despite all her whining back in series 2? Lia shows up. George is stupid and acts like a low person.

Why did TPTB bring Herrick back? I thought series 2 was misguided but this was worse. George and his self pity and the new big bad Wyndam are pitiful. Nina makes everything all about her again. Who are George, Annie and Nina to judge?

Mitchell chooses to die rather than live with his sanctimonious jerk flatmates. Just wait Annie, I’m sure in series 4 Nina will wrangle a way to get rid of you like she did with Mitchell.

Series 3 started out well but descended into utter crap. Where is Tom? Does no-one care? Wyndam is the most stupid big bad ever. Why doesn’t he save Mitchell’s life and kill George and Nina there and then if he’s so well hard? He does neither, this was crap. I’m done with this show, even if Nina dies in series 4 as she deserves I won’t watch. I’m done with this crap.

Best Lines:
“It’s a debt they’re gonna want repaying.”

“I want to pull your spine out through your mouth.”

”There are going to be a lot more ghosts soon.”

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