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The Green Hornet (1966-1967) Eps 14&24 Reviewed

Ep 14

Freeway to Death

Mike Axford lurks as an informer is attacked by a bulldozer. Why the idiots just stand there instead of running isn't explained. Mike is saved by The Green Hornet who asks Mike to work with him to smash a construction racket.

Mike tries to be a hard man and fails due to his permanent expression of angry imbecility. Kato has two lines in the entire ep. The big bad is played by Jeffrey Hunter aka the original Captain Christopher Pike from 'Star Trek'. Casey wears a blouse the size of a hot air balloon.

The Black Beauty has a mortar launcher, Kato and his boss beat people up and Britt Reid has no personality. Seth Rogen's Britt Reid may have been a flaky, mooching slacker with a personality disorder but at least he had a personality. Still this was very good.

How can Axford a crime reporter for 30 years not notice that Britt Reid and The Green Hornet are one and the same? Why do gangsters keep letting The Green Hornet cut in on their rackets? How does Kato's hat not fly off when he's kicking people and throwing people over desks?

Best Line:
"That crook isn't as smart as some people think he is."

Ep 24

Hornet Save Thyself

It's Britt's birthday party and Kato attends. Well, he's there to serve drinks. Poor Kato. Anyway Britt's enemy Eddie shows up and is shot dead within seconds. Britt is framed for the crime.

Scanlon is useless and utters the phrase: "Death weapon." It seems Eddie and Britt were blood enemies over Eddie being fired for sabotaging deliveries of 'The Sentinel'.

Scanlon is accusing. Britt punches him out and escapes. The cops are in Britt's house yet never find the murder weapon, secret passageway or revolving garage floor. Kato runs off with Britt somehow getting into costume without being noticed or missed.

The Green Hornet and Kato steal from a police station and beat up cops yet no-one shoots them. The Hornet gun is used as Britt steals the evidence against him which is kept in a brown paper envelope in a filing cabinet. The days before 'CSI'.

'The Sentinel' gets a temporary new publisher in the form of Hyde. Casey yells. Hyde is Britt's new blood enemy. Kato has lines and opinions and strolls around in his costume in Britt's house. Luckily he takes the mask off, he looks good.

Casey rides around in the Black Beauty with Britt and Kato, get out hoochie! Britt unravels the frame up and is allowed to do a Poirot style big reveal to unmask Hyde. All is well, this was very good.

Best Line:
"You are in worse trouble now."
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