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'Warlock' (1989) trailer
A warlock (Julian Sands) is chased by Richard E Grant and his mullet. Bad CGI, time travel and this is a classic.

'Waxwork' (1988) trailer
They just don't make movies like this horror set in a waxworks anymore.

'The Hills Have Eyes' (1977) trailer
The story of a family's refusal to die! The movie trailer voiceover is accidentally hilarious.

'Angel' (1984) trailer
This looks like trash. Sunset Boulevard, a serial killer and a heroine with terrible fashion sense.

'Avenging Angel' (1985) trailer
Bad 80's hair abounds in this sequel. Angel is back and the actress is different and there is 80's make up and guns and bizarre gunfights: "When you get to hell, tell them an angel sent you."

'The Event' 1x18 promo
Sophia needs to die.

'Fringe' 3x20 review
Oh Walternate, finally this season looks interesting again: "I choose to give up my son, so you can keep yours."

'Speak' trailer
Horrible people and Bella from 'Twilight', mmm.
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