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Movie Reviews: Scream 4+Invasion of the Body Snatchers+Your Highness+Monsters+Better Luck Tomorrow

Scream 4 (2011)

Ghostface is on the loose in Woodsboro again. Dewey is now sheriff despite his multiple stabbings over the years and he’s married to the hatchet faced hair extension Gale. Sidney visits her hometown on a book tour looking bored. There is no sign of the boyfriend she acquired back in ‘Scream 3’.

Ghostface runs around making smug phone calls and stabbing people. This film seems to have a bigger body count than the previous 3 put together. Sidney wants to protect her never before mentioned cousin Jill from Ghostface.

This is okay but has no real heart or soul. Towards the end of the film the plot heads in an interesting direction only to not have the courage of its convictions.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1958)

Doctor Miles (Kevin McCarthy of ‘UHF’) narrates how weird things happened in his town of Santa Mira, of course we all know it’s usurping pod aliens from outer space. The sharp faced Miles initially overlooks all the creepy stuff going on in his town as he romances the bland Becky.

Miles can overlook the fact that people don’t eat out or run their vegetable stands. But when his friend finds a pod, well it becomes clear that Santa Mira is not such a nice town anymore. Miles can’t convince anyone his neighbours are longer human beings.

Miles is afraid of depersonalization and the fact that soon there may be no-one like him left. This is an alien invasion by aliens who need no spaceships, so no Martian war machines here. It just happens. This is okay.

Best Lines:
Something evil had taken possession of the town.”

“A boy who said his mother wasn’t his mother.”

“If they’ve taken over the telephone office we’re dead.”

“There isn’t a human being left in Santa Mira.”

“They’re here already! You’re next!”

Your Highness (2011)

A mediocre movie that has gross out, excessive swearing, T&A and some giggles. Two idiot princes and a warrior woman go on a quest to defeat an evil wizard. All the funny bits are in the trailer and some of the dialogue is inaudible. Plus James Franco seems comatose and or high throughout.

Monsters (2010)

Kaulder and Samantha are stuck in Mexico on the wrong side of the alien infected zone. They are trying to get back to the USA. This film follows their trek back home.

He’s an annoying stoner, she is pretentious and alien life forms that came from a crashed space probe are lurking. The idiots travel observing the locals, creepy signs and murals and then toward the ending things get creepy. This is a downbeat film and it’s okay.

Better Luck Tomorrow (2002)

Ben (Parry Shen of ‘Hatchet’) is obsessed with getting into college and dating the bland annoying Stephanie. He and his friends have a sideline in crime for kicks. Ben and his group of unpleasant friends are led astray.

Ben is sick of people annoying him. He is also sick of Stephanie’s weird boyfriend Steve (John Cho). Naturally things get out of control and bad things happen. This is okay and is based on a bizarre true story.
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