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Snake Agent: A Detective Inspector Chen novel by Liz Williams

The 1st in a series. Detective Inspector Chen is in charge of supernatural and mystical investigations in a far future Chinese city.

He has a myriad of problems. His patron goddess is offended, his demon wife is missing, souls are being stolen and a vice officer from hell is hanging around. The stakes are high but Chen is on duty to save the day.

This is a good occult thriller. The magic and technology intrigue, I’d read more Chen books.

Star Trek #3: Dreams of the Raven by Carmen Carter

From 1987, comes this tale of nightmarish aliens by the author who gave us the excellent Trek novel ‘The Devil’s Heart’. The Enterprise responds to a distress signal only to be attacked and badly damaged. The ship is at the mercy of dangerous and nightmarish aliens that the crew struggle to understand and defeat.

Meanwhile Leonard McCoy is injured and suffers amnesias losing over 20 years of memories. When his medical skills are so badly needed in the Chief Medical Officer’s place stands a surly, unpleasant stranger.

This is a good novel with characterization and creepiness in equal measure. This puts more recent Trek novels with their obsession with T&A and stuff blowing up to shame.

Best Line:
You should know that Dr McCoy was carried screaming into this ward after his little side trip to the bridge.”

Star Trek: Web of the Romulans by M.S. Murdock

From 1983, comes this tale of a Fedeation/Romulan standoff. Kirk has to deal with a Romulan ship that has crossed into Federation space. Meanwhile the Romulan commander S’Talon has orders to follow and he and Kirk engage in mind games.

Elsewhere a Romulan fleet is on a secret mission and an unbalanced Starfleet Admiral sees war as inevitable. This is a good novel. The depiction of the Romulans is far superior to Trek Lit’s current characterization of them. I look forward to reading other old Trek novels like ‘The Abode of Life’ and ‘Death Count’.

Secrets of the Tudor Court by Darcey Bonnette

A soap opera rip off of ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ that focuses on Mary Howard. She is the daughter of the Duke of Norfolk and cousin to Anne Boleyn. Mary is brought to court to be a Lady In waiting to Anne.

She witnesses her father’s conniving and the rise and fall of Anne. Mary is a pawn to her father. He marries her off, abandons her to poverty as a widow and beats her if she annoys him.

Mary tries to be more than a passive victim of political manoeuvrings. She also tries and fails to extract herself from the unsettling and deeply dysfunctional relationship she has with her stern cold father.

This is a very good enjoyable Tudor soap opera.

Star Trek #6: Bloodthirst by J.M. Dillard

The Enterprise answers a distress call from a remote research lab. And as a result a mutated virus that mimics vampirism is loose on the ship. This is a good creepy tale.


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