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The Event Ep 16 Review

You Bury Other Things Too

Simon’s in anguish and Blake rubs salt in the wounds. Martinez wants Simon to have some enhanced interrogation. Simon is really unsubtle, blubbering over his fellow aliens. Then an unknown someone informs Simon they’re on to him and help him escape.

Senator Lewis returns to annoy. Lewis worked for the CDC and now knows about the sleepers. Martinez orders wide spread DNA testing but his annoying wife won’t go along with it.

Leila ends up in a gated alien community. Somehow Simon got there too. Sophia plans genocide as she wants living space for her people. Simon objects, Michael continues being a burk.

Elsewhere the truly irritating Sean continues to annoy, he is utterly superfluous. Vicky is dumb. The annoying Dempsey goes on about jars, scrolls and guardians. He also calls himself an Earth protecting sentinel. And I guess he thinks Sean is one too. The whole Dempsey/Sean/Vicky subplot is dumb, worse than ‘Lost’ season 6 dumb.

Still the rest of the ep is okay. Who informed Simon? Why are most of the aliens so devoted to Sophia? Why don’t Blake’s men just shoot Simon?

Best Lines:
“I can’t guarantee that Simon will talk.”

“They know.”

“What kind of solutions?”
“Permanent ones.”

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