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Trailers and other things too

‘Game of Thrones’ Quote
When you play the game of thrones. You win or you die.”

‘The Woman in Black’ trailer
The play is excellent, this better be good.

‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’ promo
This makes ‘CSI: Miami’ look like high art.

‘On Stranger Tides’ trailer
A 4th ‘Pirates’ movie and it’s in 3D? Oh enough already. Even Ian McShane couldn’t get me to buy a ticket.

Insidious’ trailer
I’ll see this it looks creepy.

Priest’ trailer
This reminds me of ‘Daybreakers’. I’ll see this too.

Super 8’ trailer
Looks good, I hope it avoids sap.

Cleared out a tape from 2003. It began with the season 2 ‘Smallville’ ep ‘Visitor’ in which Clark’s is unemoting and obsessed with Lana. Lex is in ‘love’ with Helen and a bit creepy. Chloe is smug and mocking. This was dull.

Then came the season 7 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘Touched’ in which Buffy mopes, Caleb bores, Spike is a lout and Andrew is a waste of perfectly good oxygen. The moral of this annoying and cheap looking ep is Buffy is always right and Faith can do nothing right.

Then came the season 4 ‘Angel’ ep ‘The Magic Bullet’. LA is under the spell of Jasmine. Fred is on the run and Connor is annoying. This Jasmine arc wasn’t as clever as it thought it was. Then came the season 3 ‘Cleopatra 2525’ ep ‘Noir or Never’ in which a bad actor hunts Cleopatra. This was ridiculous, even by this show’s standards.

Then came another season 2 ‘Smallville’ ep ‘Precipice’ in which Clark is arrested for beating someone up and is outraged at being called on his bullying. Helen is stalked by an ex. A song of foreshadowing plays during the final scene. This was dull.

Then came another season 7 ‘Buffy’ ep ‘End of Days’ in which Buffy gets the damn scythe to validate her emotional repression. This boring, cheap ep makes me believe in the existence of satan.

Then came another season 4 ‘Angel’, an ep called ‘Sacrifice’ in which the gang runs from She Who Walks Among Us. Connor annoys. The whole Connor plot opened the door to darkness and the darkness never went away. People stumble around in the dark, this was boring.

Best Line:
Anyone else feel like the last feisty wife in Stepford?”
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