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Fringe Season 3 Ep 13+ V Season 2 Ep 4 Reviewed


With the reveal of Peter’s abduction, I thought we’d get something better than this. Nobody seems to care about it. Only Walternate cares and he is depicted as the bad guy for being angry his son was stolen.

Alt Olivia is reunited with his boyfriend who proposes. The annoying Lincoln Lee is running alt Fringe as alt Broyles is ‘missing’. Alt Charlie has an ugly haircut. There is a spontaneous bug eruption.

Walternate is a cheater and he’s plotting. The baddie makes big speeches. Alt Olivia is given some news. Walternate smiles. Season 3 isn’t exactly enthralling; I have no real desire to get the season 3 DVD. This was dull.

Who killed alt Broyles? Why did the sheep die out? What happened to alt Boston back in ’04?

Best Lines:
“All the sheep died out 10 years ago.”

“Ma’am nobody’s going to eat your dog alright? Thank you for calling.”

“Peter was here. He was here of his own choosing as he needs to be. And I lost him.”

“I think I might have another way to bring Peter back from the other universe.”

“You are the mother of my future grandchild.”

Unholy Alliance

Tyler’s stupid. Erica and co are stupid as they don’t think to show people Malik’s body. Erica gets another new partner and he’s spying on her for the FBI. Anna, Chad and Marcus visit the Vatican.

Marcus lurks. Tyler is dumb and a thug. A priest is an undercover V. Anna scaring the Vatican is ridiculous. Eli (Oded Fehr) shows up. This was awful with terrible CGI. How many other species have the V’s bred with?
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