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Movie Reviews: The Green Hornet +Tomorrow, When The War Began

The Green Hornet (2006)
This short French indie film features the Green Hornet and Kato running around kicking people. The Hornet has been accused of robbing a museum so he sets out to find the real thief.

The duo walks around in dingy daylight and do what they do best. Crack the heads of a whole horde of toughs. Then they meet a head bad guy and the plot gets really interesting and then the film ends. Damn, this was okay.

Best Line:
If it isn’t the famous Green Hornet and his equally famous acolyte Kato.”

Tomorrow, When The War Began (2010)
In Australia, teenagers go on a camping trip. When they arrive home, they find a foreign army has invaded. They hide and fight back as best they can.

This is a good adventure adapted from the novel. The teenagers can be utterly thick at times but they are learning. The ending leaves it wide open for a sequel and I wouldn’t mind seeing Ellie, Corrie, Kevin, Fiona, Homer (Deniz Akdeniz), Robyn, Lee (Chris Pang) and Chris again.

Sure the heroic pose at the end is cheesy but its fun cheesy and I look forward to the sequels seeing as the books ran to 10 in all.
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