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Concentrate and Ask Again

Nina looks into the First People. A man dies. Walter annoys. Olivia whines. The death has ties to a weapons project named Project Jellyfish. Somehow all Walter’s sins are overshadowed by Olivia’s hurt feelings.

The trio look up a telepath. There is a showdown at a museum. Sam Weiss returns and makes a prophecy. This was okay but a bit flat and dull. Why is the Wave Sink weapon tuned to Peter?

Best Lines:
Why would anyone kill a scientist? What did we ever do?”

“This is pretty disgusting, even by our standards.”

Annie’s in purgatory whining. The Box Tunnel Massacre that Mitchell carried out back in series 2 is mentioned, because somehow that trumps all the other killings vampires have committed.

Nina whines about Mitchell, coming across as one of those types who don’t want their significant other having anyone but them. Mitchell goes into the afterlife and meets Lia (Lacey Turner of ‘Eastenders’).

Lia annoys and there is no sign or mention of the men with sticks and rope. A werewolf named McNair (Robson Green) pops up. Vampires continue to be gross. There is sap as Mitchell broods and moans. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
What happened to you Lia?”
“A very bad thing.”

Adam’s Family
Adam is a 46 year old vampire who looks like a surly teenager. The gang’s new house is ugly. Annie annoys. George brings Adam home. It is revealed the vampire Old Ones live in South America.

Adam gets some posh vampire foster parents. Mitchell is somewhat accurately described as: “The last Russell Brand in the shop.” Annie wears a horrible see through top. There is a pervy party. This was okay.

Best Lines:
It’s bloody Hogwarts, this place.”

“Mitchell’s gonna get got.”

Type 4
A drunk zombie named Sasha chases Annie home. Nina’s pregnant. Mitchell gets a stalker. Annie’s stupid. Mitchell is a jerk. Sasha expires. This was good, this is far better than series 2 already.

Best Line:
“A drunk dead woman, shouting.”


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